The Last Triathlon Brick

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In the world of Triathlon, back to back workouts are called bricks.  I’ve been doing them for about 4 months training for the race coming in 7 days.  HOLY CRAP, 7 days.  I’ve spent weeks saying May 5th, as thought it’s so far away, it won’t get here anytime soon.  And it’s this week.  OH. EM. GEE.  With that in mind, I set out this morning for my last brick before race day, mostly to loosen up my legs and get more used to the aero bars.

My goal was to ride 30/run 6.

I overslept in a ridiculous way, meaning I’d be out later than expected, and it was supposed to be low 80’s today.  It didn’t help that I piddled for 2 hours after I got up because deep down, I didn’t want this to be my last brick before raceday.  Deep down, that scares the crap out of me.

I headed out the door at 10AM, and set out on a really fast paced ride on an absolutely gorgeous morning.  I didn’t mean to go that fast, but my legs were willing and the body was able, so I managed to pace out at 16MPH, which is flat out smokin’ it for this turtle on wheels.  YAY, aero bars.  Why, oh why didn’t I buy them sooner??  My feet were still falling asleep and the new position on the seat requires more conditioning for the lady bits, but it’s manageable for 56 miles I hope.  What really matters is I have more power in my legs and less fatigue once I’m off the bike.  Grand total 30 miles in 1:55:00, 15.9 MPH pace, 1,148 calories burned.   I paid strict attention to eating every 3 miles after the first 15, and making sure I’ve got it down pat.  Although, I still feel like I’m stuffing my face the whole ride with food, but whatever.

I hopped off the bike, threw it in the house, transitioned (including a pee break, wipe off the old sunblock, reapply the new sunblock and out the door).  The run keeps getting easier and easier off the bike.  The first few times I tried it, I felt like my legs were inhabited by aliens, but now it’s taking less time to remember how to run straight off the bike.  My goal in recent weeks is to pace the first mile really slowly, and then run negative split miles after that.  It was really hard to slow my pace, but I did it and the first mile was 11:55, each mile after that a couple second faster.  It really took me about 2 miles to get my stride going well, and I imagine this will also get better with time and training, but I eventually felt like I was running correctly.  It was really hot, so I drank extra water and ate my electrolyte blocks at 1 and 5, eating a waffle at 3.   Grand total, 6 miles, 1:11:24, 900 calories burned.

I finished this workout feeling really strong and capable of conquering that race in a few days.  All I can do is trust my training.  I’ve spent 4 months laying bricks, building a shrine to the new person I am.  Sunday, May 5th, I get to stand back and admire the triathlete bricks built and then work my ass off for that new medal!  Rocketman, it’s on.

About The Heavyweight Runner

I’m a 32 year old private music teacher, entrepreneur, graduate student and extreme weight loss achiever. I love to swim, bike, run, and lift heavy things as much as I can; long rides and runs are my favorite! I train to run full marathons, Olympic distance triathlons and will compete in my first ½ Ironman distance triathlon on May 5th. I have a pup, Penny Lane (of the Beatles fame) and a deaf kitty, Boo, who are the fluffy loves of my life. Together, we live in our townhouse apartment. After being obese for most of my life, I have learned I’m capable of anything I set my mind to. I have a renewed sense of purpose. I started The Heavyweight Runner Facebook page in October 2012 as a hobby, to motivate a few people along the way. I never dreamed how quickly the page would expand or just how many lives I’d get to interact with on a daily basis from all across the globe. On the rare occasion I have spare time I enjoy roller coasters, knitting, piano bars and singing my heart out to cover songs at my own piano.

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